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How the Community Partner Program Works

Components of the
Community Partner Program

  1. With each transaction, RIC3 LLC will contribute 25% of its net proceeds to the selected community partner up to $1,750. 

  2. Home Loan Applicants will have the opportunity to indicate their community partner of choice when they make application or shortly after closing.

  3. Net proceeds are calculated at 25 basis points of the loan amount [.25% of the loan amount. i.e. $300,000 loan x .25% = $750]

  4. RIC3 LLC will double contributions to .5% of the loan amount when applicants choose it's original LendingintheD community partners.

How to Become a Community Partner

  1. Organizations must be a tax-exempt non-profit, maintain a fiscal sponsorship with a non-profit or be a church or religious organization recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

  2. Community Partners must be connected with LendingInTheD on Instagram, Facebook  LinkedIn

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn


Feel free to invite your favorite nonprofit to join the Community Partner Program.  If you would like us to explain the program, click the button and submit the requested information.

  • Community partners must share RIC3 posts (re contributions and interchanges with RIC3) to their community when requested.

  • Community partners to receive a monthly email outlining pertinent loan program, housing, event, market and RIC3 news.

  • Community partners that have been or become clients to review and provide testimonials for RIC3

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