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Become a Community Partner

Thank you for your interest in partnering with RIC3 LLC Mortgage Broker.  Community Partners need to be either a tax-exempt non-profit or have a fiscal sponsorship.  E-mail for eligibility questions.      

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Upload a photo to represent your organization on our Community Partners tab

A community partner needs to have a minimum of 3 social media connections on the @lendinginthed platform (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).  Connection types listed below are only suggestions.

#1 Social Media Connection

#2 Social Media Connection

#3 Social Media Connection

#4 Social Media Connection *Optional

#5 Social Media Connection *Optional

Social media is one of the best ways we can stay connected as community partners.  Once you submit your application, we will make it a point to follow your connections.  We are committed to staying connected to and supporting our community partners on their social media platforms.   

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