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Lending In The D, ​Investing in our community

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RIC3 LLC is a mortgage broker licensed in Michigan and New York (NMLS #2166804).  We provide mortgage solutions that unlock the door to both your home and your real estate goals while working for prosperity and abundance in your community. 

RIC3 Mortgage Broker
Real People - Real Investments



BAIRA MVMNT PHLOSPHY, the dance-theatre company

co-directed by Shaina and Bryan Baira, was one of our first Community Partners and (just like us) they are

originally Detroit based and now expanding to New York!

Look out for an exciting collaboration in the works between RIC3 Creative Community & Baira Co called the R&B Collab Hub!  Baira will be using our Eastside house in Detroit as a base and establishing an artist residency in May 2024!   

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Loan Shopping

We always use your specific circumstances to find the best possible loan for you.
Here is just a sample of some of our go-to lending partners

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3rd largest wholesale lender

Effiecent process & great pricing

2022-10-17 14_51_58-Brand New_ New Logo and Identity for Rocket Mortgage by Lippincott.png

America's Largest Lender

Based in Detroit

Access to wholesale rates

2022-10-17 15_03_42-Lenders and Banks _ LendinginTheD.png

California based nationwide lender

unique programs such as 

downpayment assistance

2022-10-17 15_04_16-Lenders and Banks _ LendinginTheD.png

Port Huron based lender

Always fast and

personalized service

2023-04-12 14_16_00-Window.png

California based nationwide lender

unique programs such as 

downpayment assistance


Investing in Our Community

We recognize that the real investments
are the people and communities affected by each transaction.  

Charlotte Mason and The Ark Detroit

In 2021, Real Investment Community, RIC3 LLC Mortgage Broker’s community development company, brought together an investor group to facilitate the joint purchase of the commercial building at 17400 2nd Ave in Detroit by Charlotte Mason Community School and The Ark Detroit church.

The investor group was comprised of 3 loans, $175K from Real Investment Community and two $100K loans from 2 private investors, and wouldn't have been possible without the resources and connections made by LendingInTheD.

Watch our video explaining how the loan works and what it means to the people impacted by it!   

John M.

"Wilkin Lai this project is why we had to do all that mortgage work from Tokyo 😂😂 thanks again for making it work!"


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