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Investing in creative community initiatives and

creator partnerships that bring an abundance of RIC3.



a multimedia dance theater company co-directed by Shaina and Bryan Baira.  The two create and share their choreographic work through live performance, dance film and immersive-virtual-reality experiences.  Shaina and Bryan share movement training and workshops for professional dance artists and movers of all levels and experience.

Designing on a Tablet

Noah Crean

Freelance Graphic Designer

graduate of SUNY New Paltz

with a BFA in Graphic Design,

and resident of New York.


Alex Kai

Alex Kai is a junior studying computer science at Stevens Institute of Technology.  He is a volunteer with Creative Community Service Network and is currently the Swift programmer for the Mind Central project, a mental health mobile app.  He also is the lead programmer for RIC3 Ultimate's new Event Hub

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